Health Strategy #5 – Get Movin!!


After oxygen, water and food… the next most important ingredient for good health is exercise.

Here’s the short-list as to why:

#1 – Exercise expands the circulatory system, and therefore helps lower blood pressure.
#2 – It stimulates the activity of the fat-burning enzymes that produce energy. (Increased energy AND fat-loss… Hmmm!)
#3 – Exercise burns up some of the amino acids that would otherwise reach toxic levels in the body.
#4 – It also lowers blood sugar in diabetics and therefore decreases their need for medication.
#5 – Exercise builds bone mass and reduces osteoporosis and increases the production of all vital hormones.

What type of exercise is most beneficial?

For general good health, any exercise that builds endurance, rather than speed or strength, is best. (But a moderate amount of strength training helps prevent bone-mass loss.) The best, most natural exercise you can do is walking.

A brisk 30-minute walk every day will transform your health. My husband and I either walk or use our mini-trampoline. (The mini-trampolines are GREAT… I walk on mine during every commercial while I’m watching TV. It’s keeps me out of the refrigerator!)

Can’t find an interrupted 30-minute block?

Studies at Stanford University and the University of Virginia both demonstrated 3 strenuous 10-minute periods are just as beneficial as 1 interrupted 30-minute session.

Sedentary middle-aged individuals participated in a three-week study at the University of Virginia. They did 15 10-minute sessions per week (the equivalent of two and a half hours of exercise per week) of walking, stretching, and light weight lifting.

They were able to improve aerobic fitness by 15-20%, increase strength and muscular endurance by 40-100 %, lower cholesterol levels by 15 points, and lose an average of three pounds.

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