Lemon Essential Oil


Lemon essential oil actually comes from the lemon peel, which is the most nutritious part of the lemon, but also the part that we seldom consume.

According to a study published in the International Journal of Food Microbiology, lemon oil may actually be the most powerful antimicrobial agent of all the essential oils.

Another study published in Experimental Biology and Medicine found that breathing in the scent of lemon essential oils supports healthy neurological activity and promotes the breakdown of body fat.

Lemon oil benefits:

  • Promotes cleansing of lymphatic system and purification of the skin
  • Supports healthy weight management
  • Promotes energy levels
  • Supports healthy immune system response
  • Improves mood and reduces stress
  • Natural home cleanser


  • Put 1–2 drops in water to freshen breath
  • Take 1 drop 3x daily as supplement to promote cleansing and boost metabolism
  • Diffuse to clean air and uplift mood
  • Rub on hands in place of hand sanitizer for antimicrobial benefits
  • Add 2 drops to yogurt or smoothie to enhance flavor
  • Mix with olive oil as natural cleaning product
  • Mix with baking soda as natural teeth whitener

Hope this helps!

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