Make Your Own Magic Cleaning Erasers


Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser  is one of those neat inventions that I say, quite often, “gee, wish I had thought of that!”. I can’t remember the first time I used one, but I was hooked.

There are very few stains or cleaning jobs that I’ve tried them on that they didn’t work almost magically. And Mom, if crayon marks or works of art suddenly appear on your walls and your Sweet Little Urchins have “no idea how those got there”…. then you definitely NEED Magic Erasers!

Mom, I don't know HOW that happened.
Mom, grab a magic eraser to clean off the crayon marks
Mommy, you have a Magic Eraser

They can get a bit pricey if you use them as much as I do. You can buy the generics, which are way less expensive, but after a couple of minutes, they fall apart or just stop working.

The general magic erasers came apart after a little use

I found “VasseurBeauty’s”  YouTube video that has some neat ways to use them than I hadn’t thought of…

After watching her video and seeing all the new things that I could do with them, I decided that either I needed to buy stock in Mr Clean OR I needed to learn how to make my own.  I soon realized that I could make them for a fraction of the price that I paid at Walmart.

So if you’re tired of dropping a buck every time you want to clean something in your home… let me show you how to make your own and in the process, save a LOT of money.

I’m quite sure that Mr. Clean expects us to believe they poured thousands of dollars and time into research and development to create these special sponges specifically for cleaning. The truth is, Magic Erasers are just rectangular pieces of foam with a cleaning agent inside.

Its NOT just a sponge, but a melamine sponge

And, the best part is…  the “cleaning agent” is just a couple of items that you probably have in your kitchen or laundry room right now.  If not, you can get them at most any grocery store.

The sponge is the “secret sauce”…

It’s not just ANY sponge… it’s a melamine sponge.  It has tiny pores that make it more dense than your average cleaning sponge. Those little pores make it a little abrasive, sort of like a “fine” grade sandpaper.

You can find the melamine sponges – very similar to the Mr. Clean ones – online in bulk. I ordered a pack of 100 for $7.19 plus free shipping. I ordered them hereThey’re a little smaller than the Mr. Clean, but I bought 100 for the price of an eight-pack of Mr. Clean, so it’s still a good deal.  It took about 3 weeks for them to arrive, but it’s been well worth the wait.


Once you’ve gotten the sponges, you’ll need to add the cleaning solution to them. The solution that I’ve found that works the best is borax and baking soda.

How to make your own magic erasers

It’s super easy to make them:

  • Heat 1/2 cup water
  • In a separate bowl, mix 1 teaspoon of Borax and 1 Tablespoon of baking soda.
  • Add the heated water and stir until the borax and soda are dissolved.
  • Place a sponge in the bowl and allow it to soak up the solution.
  • Squeeze out some of the excess and begin scrubbing.

OR, you can do like I do… mix the borax, baking soda and about 1/2 cup of hot water in a spray bottle. Shake it up until the borax and soda are dissolved. Then using a wet sponge, spray the area you’re wanting to clean.

I also cut my sponges into 3 pieces, and when I’m finished with a job, I throw that piece of sponge away. After all, I have 300 Magic Erasers to use, that cost me about 10 cents each (2 cents for the sponge I cut in thirds, and 8 cents for the borax and soda).

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