Vibrant Health… It’s Your Birthright!


Can you imagine waking up every morning from a good night’s sleep… feeling energized and positive? And going through the entire day without running out of energy? No nagging pains… no allergies… and no “brain fog”.

For most of us, the life I just described isn’t even a fantasy any more. We’ve felt so bad, for so long, that we don’t consciously think about it. Feeling lousy has become “normal”.

But it DOESN’T have to be that way!

Gary and I have come to understand that our God-given birthright is that of overflowing, VIBRANT health. And given the proper ingredients with which to work, the body has an AMAZING ability to defend itself from infection… to repair itself when injury occurs… and in general, to maintain its’ “DEFAULT” status of vibrant health.

What IS versus what SHOULD be…

I’m sorry to say, but for most Americans, there’s a HUGE gap between the bodies’ full potential and what we actually experience. There are 2 basic reasons…

  • MASSIVE nutritional deficiencies in the national food supply. (Caused by depleted soils… the use of pesticides… and green harvesting.)
  • Unfortunate lifestyle choices. ( We just need to get up off the couch! )

When you correct these 2 issues, the results can be downright STARTLING!

Many of us think we have to join a gym, and pump iron 5 times a week in order to be getting enough exercise to make a difference. But research shows that a brisk 15-minute walk, done 3 times a week, will produce a PROFOUND improvment in your health.

Concerning those nutritional deficiencies, we’ve discovered a set of nutritional supplements that fill the gap between what commercially grown fruit and vegetables can provide… and what our bodies MUST have in order to maintain or restore health. ( And unless you’re REALLY good at organic gardening, suppliments are your ONLY option!

These suppliments have made a PROFOUND impact on our health. And, since adding them to our diet, we’ve come to understand what the term “VIBRANT health” actually means.

Bottom line? Maintaining/regaining health is much easier than most of us believe it to be.

Next Article – The “80/20 Rule For HEALTH…Your SECRET Weapon!

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