Health Strategy #6 – Get Enough Sleep


This one may seem so obvious that it shouldn’t even be included in the list. But those of us who struggle with insomnia know how much it sabotages everything else in our lives.

Tips For Getting A Good Nights Sleep

1 – Avoid stimulants like caffeine (found in cola, tea and chocolate) and excessive sugar. Certain medications like sinus pills and diet pills speed up the metabolism and can keep you awake long after they’re taken.

2 – Don’t use alcohol as a sleep aid. It doesn’t work. Many people think that a drink-or many drinks-will relax them enough to sleep but alcohol only provides broken or interrupted sleep.

3 – Exercise to improve your sleeping habits but don’t do it too close to bedtime.

4 – Stop eating at least two hours before bedtime. It’s also best not to eat a huge meal at night. Trying to digest food while lying down will make it more difficult to go to sleep. It may also upset your digestive tract, which will cause you more problems. If you must have a snack, warm milk or foods high in trytophan (like turkey, cashews or yogurt) are a good choice. It’s best to stop liquids before bedtime so you don’t wake up to use the bathroom when you should be sleeping.

5 – Avoid napping during the day if you aren’t sleeping at night. Napping will help to train your body to sleep in the daytime or in short spurts rather than in seven- or eight-hour shifts.

6 – Turn off the TV and the computer about 30 minutes before bedtime as their light mimics the intensity of sunlight and can keep you up. Spend the last 30 minutes reading, practicing deep breathing, meditation or relaxation exercises. Taking a warm bath or listening to soothing music can also be relaxing.

7 – Keep regular bedtime and waking hours. This helps to train your body to sleep regularly. It is very hard to improve sleep when your hours are erratic. Choose a regular bedtime that allows you enough time for a full night’s sleep.

I wish you vibrant health!

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