My First Encounter With Essential Oils


My first encounter with essential oils happened when I was 6. It was Christmas, and, as usual, the family had gathered at Granny and Granddad’s house to exchange gifts. I remember my Uncle Ray complaining that he had a toothache, so Granny sent me to get her “medicine bag” out of the closet.

I don’t know if you’ve ever seen one, but it was an old leather Doctors bag, similar to the one above.  And it smelled funny… lots of smells I still don’t know how to describe.

It was full of little bottles of “stuff” and bags of leaves and stems.

She rummaged around until she found the right bottle, and poured some of the liquid on a rag, and told my Uncle to open his mouth. She poked it on his tooth and told him to bite down. The bottle went back in the bag and Granny had me put it back in the closet.

There were a lot of other instances when Granny used the liquids in the bottles or the leaves in her bag to treat whatever any of the family complained about… runny noses, belly aches, bug bites, coughs… you name it and Granny had something in her medicine bag that would cure it.

And it usually did!

I’ve lost count of the times that I’ve opened a bottle of essential oil and the smell of that oil took me straight back to Granny’s medicine bag. Like a bottle of Clove oil… that was exactly the same smell as was on the rag that my Uncle had used for his toothache.

You see, Granny was half Comanche and grew up using different plants for her “potions” and “salves”. I could kick myself for not learning more about them… I feel certain that she would have loved to teach me how to prepare each one and what they could be used for.

If you’re not familiar with essential oils… you might check this article out –  What Are “Essential” Oils?

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