Diffusing essential oils has become the most popular way to use them and is probably the most effective way to get their health benefits:

  • elevates your mood
  • improves brain function
  • reduces infection
  • relaxes your body
  • supports respiration

I have several diffusers and keep, at least one, going all day.

When we’re traveling, you can bet that I’ll have one stashed in my suitcase along with a bottle of Melaleuca (Tea Tree) and Lemon. Both of those oils, can help kill off mold and purify the air of any harmful pathogens that may be hiding somewhere.

It’s amazing how potent the oil is when it’s diffused. As an example… I have a peppermint plant in my kitchen. If I’m standing beside it… I sometimes can smell it. But if I move away from it, even 3 or 4 feet, no smell at all. However, I can add 3 DROPS of Peppermint Oil to my diffuser, and smell peppermint all over the downstairs.

The same applies when I diffuse cinnamon or oregano oils.

And that’s not to mention when I use a “blend” of oils in the fall and at Christmas. It’s not unusual for those smells to waft all over the entire house.

Why is that?

That’s because the volatile compounds in essential oils can pass from the air into your olfactory system. Your olfactory system… which provides your sense of smell… is connected directly to your brain. Whatever you smell passes through your cells and into your bloodstream within seconds.

If the kids or grandkids aren’t feeling good or have a runny nose, try diffusing essential oils of clove and frankincense in the air. Not only will it smell good…it will help their immune system and they’ll feel better.

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