A Bit About Me…

After retiring, my husband Gary and I bought an old farm house on 10 acres in the Ozark National Forest of Northwest Arkansas. And for the last 5 years have been busy restoring it.

We have chickens, 2 horses, 1 cat… and we’ve raised 2 orphaned baby deer on the place. (Pics below)

Here’s how the house looks now…

We added insulation (there was none) over the original metal siding and then finished it off with rough cut oak board and batten.

The red clapboard on the barn was also covered in the oak board and batten.

I love the way the wood has “grayed” on the barn and the top story of the house.  Unfortunately, the siding under the porch has “protected” the sun from graying the wood on the bottom floor as much.


Here’s how it looked when we bought it…

The house exterior was 3 different kinds and colors of metal siding and the barn was partially covered in clapboard and sheet iron painted red.


The kitchen when we bought the place…

The stove had one working burner.

The dishwasher (red paint on the left of pic) was about an inch taller than the top of the cabinet, so the counter top had been sawed off and just laid on the dishwasher top.  When you opened the dishwasher door, both the counter top and the dishwasher itself fell forward unless you held it down.


The kitchen now…

We made new cabinets from rough sawn oak that we stripped off the inside walls of the barn and finished them with a heavy coat of glaze.


The original ceiling downstairs was vinyl siding, so it was replaced with metal ceiling tins that I antiqued.


A farm wouldn’t be a farm without chickens!  


Meet Rocky…

He is/was (we don’t know), just a few weeks old when we rescued him from a pack of dogs.   We bottle fed him every 3-4 four hours and wiped his butt, just like mama would have done.  He caught on quick!

We never penned either of the fawns.  They both grew up roaming in the yard, but ALWAYS knew  when it was mealtime they could show up at the door and food would appear shortly!!

Once they were grown, both “left home” and haven’t come back.


Daisy meeting Red for the first time…

This was the year following rescuing Rocky… a little doe we named Daisy.  Surprising enough Rocky and Daisy got along just fine.


I wanted a fireplace!

I came home from town a couple of days later and there was a hole in the wall…


The first fire of 2018 in our DIY fireplace…


I’m always doing something…


Things I love!

  • My essential oils
  • My family
  • My church
  • My country
  • Being self-reliant
  • Staying healthy
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Doing creative things


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