Health Strategy #2 – DECIDE To Connect The Dots


If you pay attention to the commercials on the national news, you immediately realize that the drug companies are spending billions in order to brainwash us into believing that a lack of energy, insomnia, allergies… and hundreds of other conditions are simply unavoidable-but-manageable… IF you buy their pills!

And I hate to admit it, but their commercials are so compelling that I sometimes wonder how we survived all those thousands of years without them and their chemicals!

But in spite of what the drug companies would have us believe, the bodies’ “Default” state is that of vibrant, glowing health. In other words, we’re programmed to be HEALTHY… not sick!

Do a bit of research into the actual mechanisms and processes that make up our immune system, and how it protects us from an UNRELENTING onslaught of viruses and bacteria… and you’ll come away with a new respect for the human body. In spite of its’ constant exposure to toxins and infections of every conceivable type, our defense system wins 99.9% of the time.

The body is a natural, health-seeking, health-maintaining machine.

Have you ever seen someone with a broken arm, sitting around “willing” the body to mend the break… or watched someone with an infection, having to consciously “focus”… in order to beat that infection? Of course you haven’t. That’s all done automatically by the bodies’ programming.

When you think about it, we’re living, breathing miracles… yet most of us are sick!

In spite of our bodies’ amazing defense system, 1 out of 2 Americans alive today will get cancer… heart disease kills millions… and diabetes is now a full blown epidemic.

Which provides our first “DECIDE-To-Connect-The-Dots” opportunity!

Concerning our health… 
The gap between what IS… and what SHOULD be, is the result of simple CAUSE & EFFECT!

Cause #1 – Until roughly 100 years ago, we ate foods grown in mineral-rich, organic soils… and picked ripe. Now… according to a study done by the University of Texas, it takes 53 peaches to provide the same nutritional value that 1 peach provided in the 50s.

That’s because our fruits and vegetables are grown in depleted soils, they’re sprayed with pesticides, and they’re picked green.

Cause #2 – 100 years ago, most of us worked at jobs that were physically demanding. Today, we sit at a desk all day and then go home to watch TV til bedtime.

The conclusion? Our poor diet, and sedentary lifestyle have simply overwhelmed our bodies’ ability to defend and repair itself.

Here’s another “Connect the Dots” opportunity…

The drug companies and our medical profession are primarily focused on selling us treatments and pills to manage SYMPTOMS… instead of working to eliminate the CAUSES of diseases!

With regards to chronic illness, the BEST that medicine has to offer is … “We have pills that will help you manage your problems, but you’ll have to take them for the rest of your life.” Bottom line? There’s NO profit in a pill that you only take for a month and you’re cured.


Cancer is not a disease. It’s a SYMPTOM of a disabled immune system. Type II Diabetes is not a disease. It’s the END RESULT of eating too much processed food, and getting too little exercise.

In either case, reversing the symptoms can only be accomplished by removing the causes. And if you’re willing to look, there’s plenty of credible evidence that when the CAUSES of these SYMPTOMS are removed, the body almost always repairs itself and becomes healthy again.

The condition called “cancer” IS reversible… and so are heart disease and diabetes. That’s the easy part. The difficult part is getting the patient to “connect the dots” and correct his diet and lifestyle.

Follow the money…

No amount of radiation, chemotherapy, or surgery will permanently cure one cancer victim. In spite of millions of prescriptions taken, Avandia has never cured a single diabetic. But these “band aids” HAVE made billions for the drug companies and the medical profession.

Why can’t/won’t the masses see this?

The “Powers That Be” have billions to spend… keeping people hypnotized. Hypnotized to the point that they never manage to connect the dots. And sad to say… it’s working!


Next Article – You/WE Gotta Drink More Water!

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