Health Strategy #1 – OUR Version Of The 80/20 Rule

(Make it your secret weapon!)


The point of this article is simple: Achieving vibrant health doesn’t have to be painful, time consuming, or expensive. This is a strategy that focuses on doing the EASY things. Things that produce almost immediate AND substantial results.

Once you’ve lost a few pounds, your energy level is up, and you’re no longer in pain, THEN you can look at building on what you’ve ALREADY accomplished.

So where to start?

Let’s see… we know sugar is bad. So we could just quit sugar… cold turkey. We could give up red meat and fried foods, and live on raw vegetables. And we could sign up for that $100-a-month gym membership… and spend 2 hours every morning, pumping iron.

Are you excited yet? You’re NOT?

That’s OK… because we have a “Plan B”. It’s a different spin on the old “80-20 Rule”… let’s call it “The 80-20 Rule For Health”. ( Gotta come up with a snappier name! )

The old 80-20 Rule states that “80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.”


  • 20% of a stores’ inventory generates 80% of its’ sales.
  • 20% of a sales-force produces 80% of a companies’ sales.
  • 20% of a teams’ players score 80% of all points scored.

The 80-20 Rule For Health…

Our strategy for getting healthy lies in identifying the easy activities that produce decent results… and starting there. Once we’re gotten some results, and are feeling better, we can look at what’s next.

So… we’re back to “Where to start?”

As we’ve already said, some activities that we could pursue produce fantastic results. But they also require a LOT of energy and time. Others produce decent results with a moderate amount of effort and time.

For us “regular” people, the “easy” option makes the most sense.

Here’s why…

A reasonable plan that you can and WILL stick to, is better than the “Perfect” plan that you can’t… or WON’T… stick with… that is. ( You know what I mean! )

We could call it the “By The Inch It’s A Cinch!” plan.

This approach works! Because MOMENTUM is the key to staying with a plan long enough for it to become habit. So this “By The Inch” plan is really just a short list of the EASY activities that produce reasonably good results.

There are 7 of them. And when you combine them, you have a GOOD plan… one that you can stick with. And who knows… in a few weeks you may be feeling so much better that you’ll decide to enter that marathon!

“Tha Plan”…

Here’s our list of “stupid-simple” strategies that are mostly free and produce a good return on your investment. ( Please read Article #1 before you do any skipping around to the others. Nothing else makes sense without it! )

#1 – DECIDE To “Connect the Dots”
#2 – Drink More Water
#3 – Get More Sunshine (Vitamin D)
#4 – Take The Necessary Steps To Get Enough Sleep.
#5 – Walk At Least 3 Times A Week.
#6 – Start Adjusting Your Diet
#7 – This Is Disgusting To Talk About… But You Gotta Get That Colon Cleaned Out.

That’s It!

Next Article – It’s Time To Connect The Dots Between Diet, Lifestyle And Your Health!

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